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No Rainbow without Rain

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16 November

Name: Audina Kezia
From: Samarinda, Indonesia

You can call me Audina or Shiino (It's up to you! ^^)
Well, I'm AniMangaJpop lovers.
My main fandom : Uta no Prince-sama / Utapri, Liar Game, Danganronpa
I'm an big fan of Arashi too♥ especially to bratty Ninomi~ya, but I love other members too because they're my moodmaker with their songs and their various variety shows.
Umm.. I love their friendship and every member personality. That's why I become Arashian until now!
Eh? You like them too? Let's be friend and fangirling together then (kiyahahaha) /shii

Umm.. I love Perfume too. Their song and their choreography is so cool ><
When Perfume appear to Arashi's variety show, they're never failed to make me laugh hard XDDD
I love them so much!!

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~

(btw, go here if you want to know me more ;3)



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